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  • Monday, January 2, 2023

Complete Dentures are used to replace missing teeth for people with no remaining teeth. For people who lost several of their teeth Partial denture procedure is used. The tooth loss may be caused because of periodontal disease, tooth decay, or traumatic injury. The missing teeth should be replaced as early as possible, or else it may result in shifting of remaining teeth, an inability to bite and chew properly, as well as a sagging facial appearance, which makes one appear older than they are. At Sri Padha Dental Care dentures are designed to be comfortable and functional and are very similar in appearance to natural teeth, and can improve a smile or facial appearance.

During your first visit to Sri Padha Dental Care, our expert periodontist evaluates the need for dentures by examining your gums and supporting bone structures to identify the appropriate treatment plan. Oral surgery may be performed to correct bony ridges that may interfere with the stability of the denture and extraction may be done to remove the remaining teeth to facilitate the placement of the denture.

After the gums are healed complete denture is placed to replace the upper and lower teeth. The healing period is typically 6 to 12 months and during this period necessary adjustments are made to align the dentures with the healing gums. Partial dentures are removable dental prostheses built around the natural teeth to replace the missing teeth.

Dental hygiene is to be given utmost priority as the risk of developing irritation and infection is very high in the case of improper hygiene. It may take some time to adjust to the new dentures and practice is required to learn to chew with the dentures. Our expert periodontists at Sri Padha Dental Care install and nurture the dentures with utmost care so as to minimize the irritation and help you in all possible ways to learn and get used to the new dentures.

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